Sunday, September 2, 2007

My son is brave.. I am NOT

Okay so that is NOT my son - that is my CRAZY brother! Loves the camera, and showing off. We went to spend the weekend with them. Mainly Saturday afternoon so we could all be together for Father's Day, and also cause the boys have band practise on Saturday nights. So I was to have a girly night with Megs and her sister Alana.

(I told you he was crazy! And by the way those tattoos have one many, many awards. The letters on his hand are new - AJH, my father's initials. He plans something for mother's day next year too... He's very personal in some of his tat's. When am I getting one? Soon... LOL)

So here we were at my brothers place. Out the back enjoying company, food and a few beverages. When my fearless little boy played with the dogs in the backyard. He walked over to some steps, I was blocked by the table and my husband who'd just walked outside. I yelled to my father and someone else to grab Emerson, and saw {in slow motion} he leaning forward. I started slapping and pushing poor Garrison to get out of the way when he WENT forward. I screamed. everyone panicked. Dad leaped up, as did Meg's mum. he started crying. I was screaming and a hysterical mess. My view was partly blocked but as i pushed past Garrison I honestly thought he'd broken his neck. Down two deep steps onto concrete.
He was balling his eyes out, Pat (meg's mum) held me back hugging me (in tears) and Dad held Emerson in his arms. Pat was saying "Gemma, listen to him, he's just scared. He's just frightened. He put his arms out and did a somersault. He's fine. He went into survival mode." I think I kept babbling something about his neck and are you sure, and should be call an ambulance, and what about concussion.

Dad took him into the garage and Emerson picked up a drum stick and started "playing the drums". I calmed down.
But OMG. It was the scariest thing I've ever seen. He's never been interested in stairs and we have them. Just goes to show, just because your somewhere for a few hours, BABYPROOF.

So here is my brave little man about an hour later. Playing with a toy car.

The gash on his nose is a graze today.. but we look at it with pride now. (I know that sounds weird) but it's his first real "battle wound"! Playing with the better drums inside a little later. My little drummer boy! (Uncle Richie is SOOOO proud)

A beautiful tree in the front yard. And evidence my colour conversion seems to be working LOL!!
And finally, a complete lucky moment in lighting. This is Meg's dog Tara.

I'm still shaky over the fall... I know there will be many, but a 16 month old on concrete... SCARY! I' usually the last to get upset.. he's fallen SOOO many times at home when he was learning to walk.. I usually am the level headed one... this was just so scary! Anyway I'm done.. I am not very brave...

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