Tuesday, January 29, 2008


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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day's 3,4,5

(in case your not a flickr person:)

Day Three: Ok so I got better stuff from today, but they weren't of the "everyday" so this is it instead. My Day three. Being hormonal and uncomfortable.

not wanting to look anyone in the eye in fear that I might cry for NO REASON. Gotta love the hormonal part of pregnancy!

Day 4: Be'be wanted maccas (so not me craving - of course) so here is E having his first (and second) bite of a Big Mac.

Such a wonderfully technically brilliant photograph (NOT) but that's the joy of this project, they don't HAVE to be :)

Day 5: For being such a good boy while he was out with Mummy & Aunty Megs, E got a balloon, in the colour of his choice. The only colour he could kinda make out was BLUE. he was running around the house with it, pulling it. Finally caught it on the floor and what happened??

Yep, it popped.
He still had fun and didn't get scared by the noise!

Not to mention that it was the first of many photos to come from the new 50mm 1.8 that the oh-so-beautiful-generous-Blake gave me! I'm a spoilt girl!
It's nice to shoot with a 50mm again. I've so missed it.
(FYI - my 50mm 1.8 doesn't work on the 5d {have no idea why} so was sent to Europe with my 300d with a friend, and my 50mm 1.4 was broken at a session)

And now, some other shots!

The oh-so-beautiful Julia (the most photogenic person in b+w)

And the beautiful couple. Cannot WAIT for October 2009... you'll be seeing HEAPS of wedding images :D :D :D :D

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day One & Day Two

Day One:

Day Two: Okay so unlike what I said in the previous post, I managed to take a photo of the "everyday" - so I made it! WOOHOO!


Yesterday I was all inspired to do a 366 days thing.. Not self portraits but just daily things.
yeah well the camera didn't get touched today, and the images from yesterday are still on the camera.
I'm terribly hormonal at the moment, for NO reason whatsoever (well maybe there are reasons but I wont go into it) and just feel BLAH.

Still waiting on developments to get my new website started and while sort of everything is ready, I've hit the "I don't like any of my images" stage.
Does everyone go thru this when putting together a new site?

I seriously want a break.. HAHA yes I can hear you call saying "So do I". Travel should be cheaper, rent/house repayments should be cheaper so we could afford to save a dime a week to maybe thing about having a holiday.... See I'm full of pregnant hormonal ramblings today.
And need to vent so your all coping it.


Even my new yarn isn't making me smile like it did on Saturday... I have this expensive Rowan and nothing to do with it as it's SOOOO thick i have no idea what to do with it... any ideas will be happily accepted.
The other stuff just needs to be balled up and a project to jump at me, and the other, well the 12mm needles didn't have the effort I was looking for so am going to have to get some 15mm's, and I have come to the conclusion that I HATE large needles. I feel so unco-ordinated with them!

Anyway here's the pics of some yarn...

Hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow and I'll have a happy post xx

Monday, January 7, 2008

Joys of girlies in the house :)

Thanks to a little bit of brainstorming idea help from my dear friend Amanda, I have been SNAPPING away the last few days.

I had all these unreal ideas to do when my friends baby was here... but then when they arrived - I had NONE.
But then the ideas started to flow. And even 5 minutes before they were leaving for the airport, I suddenly saw the embroidered butterfly on her jeans and remembered a pink hat I had. So there I am, telling mum to "shut up you wont miss your flight - this is SOOOOO much more important"
HAHAHA (they are now on the way to the airport :( )

So here is a few of super model Maddie

And then.....

... after three attempts I finally got this today... OMG so excited :D

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beach Days

Okay so I found a good thing about being on "bed rest". Catching up on proofing.. or actually being able to proof the things you want to, when you want to!
So last week we took our mates to the beach. Emerson's only been a handful of times. And because he's so much older, I think there was so much more to take in.

It actually stopped me to think - Wonder what his little head much be thinking and trying to digest. This would seems like a bloody BIG BATH!

Telling the waves off for moving up and down!
it was very funny...



After days of annoying PAIN, I spoke to my midwife at 11pm last night and she has a theory. Which makes sense. So I went to Emergency today and lay there for 4 hours while I was prodded and poked and finally given some pain relief. I wasn't in early labour (thank God) and the pain relief worked.
So the current theory is this. I have a hyper-sensitive uterus.
I've always had chronic "monthly times", and apparently my uterus simply doesn't like being pregnant, or struggles being pregnant.

But all is good, be'be is healthy & happy, it's just poor mummy that isn't!

So ordered to {close to} bed rest and pain relief when i need it.

So this is my version of a diary-type image to describe it all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Okay, Okay... I'll reveal all!

I was gonna wait til I'd done another self portrait of the belly. But I can't seem to be all that bothered. And really still can't be. So here is come some AWFUL self maternity pics. LOL

OKAY so you wanna know the sex of the bun in the oven?

Think of that annoying song by Eiffel 65 a few years ago... don't get it???
Okay.. IT'S A BOY!

And to leave you a cute one of Emerson "learning" to share with Maddie....