Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day's 3,4,5

(in case your not a flickr person:)

Day Three: Ok so I got better stuff from today, but they weren't of the "everyday" so this is it instead. My Day three. Being hormonal and uncomfortable.

not wanting to look anyone in the eye in fear that I might cry for NO REASON. Gotta love the hormonal part of pregnancy!

Day 4: Be'be wanted maccas (so not me craving - of course) so here is E having his first (and second) bite of a Big Mac.

Such a wonderfully technically brilliant photograph (NOT) but that's the joy of this project, they don't HAVE to be :)

Day 5: For being such a good boy while he was out with Mummy & Aunty Megs, E got a balloon, in the colour of his choice. The only colour he could kinda make out was BLUE. he was running around the house with it, pulling it. Finally caught it on the floor and what happened??

Yep, it popped.
He still had fun and didn't get scared by the noise!

Not to mention that it was the first of many photos to come from the new 50mm 1.8 that the oh-so-beautiful-generous-Blake gave me! I'm a spoilt girl!
It's nice to shoot with a 50mm again. I've so missed it.
(FYI - my 50mm 1.8 doesn't work on the 5d {have no idea why} so was sent to Europe with my 300d with a friend, and my 50mm 1.4 was broken at a session)

And now, some other shots!

The oh-so-beautiful Julia (the most photogenic person in b+w)

And the beautiful couple. Cannot WAIT for October 2009... you'll be seeing HEAPS of wedding images :D :D :D :D

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Jess said...

In response to your comment: I love my stash; I've been augmenting it like crazy on Ravelry, and I'm about to get an order of TONS of undyed Henry's Attic! Sooo cool. And it seems that we all had a weird MIA period. Even Manda was out of it for a good while, so no worries.

In response to your post:
Don't you just LOVE the 50mm 1.8? I don't know what I'd do without mine. It's just so perfectly awesome.

Ooh, you know what you should try? Use it in the reverse-lens trick! The bokeh is absolutely scrumptious, and you will be so hooked. :D

How's the pregnancy going? Bebe being good? When is he due? (Can you email me your snail mail addy? I may want to send you something sometime.)