Friday, August 31, 2007


This was going to be another Sydney trip entry... but blogger is being annoying and kept "not responding" on me when I try to upload images. (*edit* see below.. i fixed it! LOL) And being a Friday night... I have no patience.

So.. I have one more 5 day a week (4 hours a day) week at Multiplex.. then one more FULL day (being 9-5) then I'm done.

They need to me to train the new person. THEN I'm done. WOOHOO!

Emerson was really distant from me today. Just goes to show spending time with Papi (his grandfather) is great... But children do cling to the one they spend more time with. It's heartbreaking and good at the same time.... I came home today (and barring in mind he'd been at daycare today - an Papi picked him up) and while he was tired and overly ready for bed, he ran to Papi, more than me.

Oh how I hate that.

I wanted him to run to ME.

but looking on the up side. I finish this job soon. and I'll be home more. I don't know how some families cope with full time work. I understand the need, and trust me, we could use *that*. But still. Scary stuff.
anyway enough of that.

I'm gonna try to upload an image now.. i sound depressed and didn't want this post to be like that!

*EDIT* Can we all say "Gemma is an idiot?" let's try uploading full res images instead of web size ones!

No wonder it was taking ages! LOL

These are from the Hunter Valley in NSW. Just outside Newcastle. I was SICK as a dog on this day. dropped my camera - On concrete! and then later dropped my 50mm 1.8 lens... Oh my.
But they still seem to be working fine..... And still waiting on the loan for the new baby... will announce when I know...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stuff and... stuff..

I still haven't finished my photo diary of Sydney, so here's a break in that tradition..

Been rather busy with life (so what's new) ha ha

I finish at Multiplex next Friday (OMG it can't come sooner) and then can fully concentrate on Emerson, the business, the house (it looks like a brothel.. not that I've been in one but you KWIM) and other personal photography stuff.. and maybe knit something.. or sew something.

Still working on some presets in ACR. (all these are using my own settings barring one image (Garrison on guitar) in which I used Amanda's bw1 from set three. I plan to concentrate on settings when Multiplex is done... but finally came up with a colour one that I like. I find colour difficult, and I'm JUST as picky as I am with B+w.. which I'm also not 100% on either... but definitely getting happier with this colour...

What do you think?
We had a social weekend. 3 different social occasions! World record for us I think! Here's is Sade & Taye..

Here's a few images from rehearsals a few weeks ago.. My husband, Garrison, plays in a band with my brother (who I didn't capture well) and his cousin. And can i just say they are awesome? I'm usually really really critical.. don't know why but i am. seriously their new stuff is unreal. One song especially would make no.1 if they got their heads out of their butts and did something with it..

Firstly, my husband Garrison...

Cousin Paul (and a little lucky light!)

The band... from a weird angle I found... no i was not comfortable{!}..

My space in the room and what I take to band practise.. a few drinks... a box of tissues (as i was sick) {obviously} the camera, another lens, knitting.. mobile phone, etc... I thought it was amusing so wanted to share!

And finally... before being "tagged" the beautiful sky from the other night when we had an eclipse... this is basically SOOC...

So Amanda tagged me... 8 interesting things about myself... hmmmm... me interesting??

1. I had no real friends in Primary school til I was about 11. And even then I was always the subject of the 'bitchy' nature of schoolgirls. When I was younger I would rather play soccer or sport with the boys in the mud... My teachers in Prep were really worried about me, and my mother make a school uniform for my cabbage patch doll.. who was my only female friend... I did end up making one friend from primary school who is a friend to this day.. but it wasn't until High School that I made true friends..

2. I lived in Brisbane and to this day it is my heartland. My lifetime friend Mully lives there with her husband Troy, and I still feel their house is more home than my own sometimes. (even if it's kinda small and full of stuff and i can't help myself cleaning it for them LOL)

3. The best year of my life was 1997. I was in year 11. I still look at that year and my heart smiles.. there was so many things about it i loved... I was the trainee "lighting technician" for the tech crew.. (and SOOOOO in love with Ben, the head lighting guys LOL) but really, that year, I found me.

4. I wanted to be a dancer. Not sure if I was really ever THAT good... but for evidence that it's still in my blood check out Amanda's blog.. I think she captured so much of me in those images.... and other bits too... like I'm jealous of the fact she lives so close to a place i would visit so often... and like her do not thinks it's weird or weird for children to enjoy playing there... (see her blog if I'm confusing you)

5. I love books. LOVE THEM. I want to write one day. I have many ideas... still brewing in the cauldron...

6. Music photography is my first photographic love.

7. I hated being pregnant. I wanted to love it. I tried to love it. But i hated it. When i was on my own, i had many moments of LOVING it. But overall.. it isn't my favorite state to be in. I keep promising myself to embrace it next time. And plan to.. I think it's because I hate being the centre of attention. And i hate being told what to do. And i hate being criticised about ME. when pregnant you are so open to being told your a bad mother-to-be or "do this" "you can't do that" "are you sure your 6/7/8/9 months?" "oh your having a boy" etc etc etc. I'm a control freak (so I'm told) and I hated being out of control with myself.

8. My nick name is Iris. Mully gave it to me. And i think it's more my own "name". It comes from a combination of my love for music, personality and many other things. But it's me. And i love it. Imreasc is the Irish word for Iris. In case anyone was wondering.

So I tag Mully, Janet, Jen & Bec! (and cause I know someone doesn't have a blog to publicly be 'tagged' you can answer in comments - he he... see you can't escape!! {insert evil laugh here})

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Sydney Trip - PART V

"..Please don't let this turn into something it's not
I {can't} give you everything I've got
But I still love you more than anyone else could...

... The splintered mast I'm holding on Wont save me long
Because I know fine well that what I did was wrong...

The first kiss and the first time
That I felt connected to anything...
...The weight of water the way you taught me
To look past everything I have ever learnt...

...The final word in the final sentence
You ever uttered to me was love.."

Sydney -> Newcastle. That is all.

{Lyrics - Lightbody}

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Sydney Trip - PART IV {Rookwood}

Oh lovely day, finally I was going to Rookwood!!
But it wasn't such a lovely day..

On matter.. I (yes that's right I) was the subject matter for Amanda, and did a new spin on the new "trash the dress" trend. This was "trash the ballet shoes!"

How oh how did I manage those poses after nearly 6 years of retirement of dance?? I don't know!
Maybe it was the magic of the place - WHO KNOWS!

anyway I have many many many ideas for next time, and hoping to take Garrison & Emerson there in October, and hoping to meet up with the Keeys again at Rookwood..

So here is a LOT of images from Rookwood..

{will they ever be the same? Who cares!!}

HA! I did get one of Amanda!

Lilly in the little bonnet I'd made for newborns. I will have to make her one that's a bit bigger! She looks so cute...

Oh how I want to go back xxx

The Sydney Trip - PART III

Coffee with the Keeys...

I met up with Amanda Keeys and half the family for a coffee, next door the most unreal yarn store. (and yes my bank statement has arrived... oops!!)
I met the youngest two, and got a few images (not the best) of Lilly..
And I really hope you guys didn't get a parking ticket!! Like I said "Courier" sign! LOL xx

The Sydney Trip - PART II

Hidden inside a memory
Lies a stage...

(this last image to me is like the 'Magic Faraway Tree". Oh how I loved that series as a child.