Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nappy Free time

So we have some guests from New Zealand here, our good friends Sam & Julz, and their beautiful little girl Maddie, who's 7 months old.
It's bloody hot here in Melbourne. Today it was 39 degrees (C) which is about 100 F or more... anyway. So it was bloody hot!
Today we decided to extend the "nappy free time" before bathtime a little longer, simply because The Little Mermaid was on, and us mummies really wanted to watch it. Kids were not very interested BTW. We have floorboards so the occasional accidents are ok because they can be cleaned fairly easily. Well by the time the movie had, what, ten minutes left, they'd each had two of them. NO, i lie. Three. But this was fine, the movie was almost over, dinner had been had, and the bath was about to be filled.
I was holding little Maddie and as I dared to open my mouth and say "no more accidents, esspecially on my lap" Something happened... from the other end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No sooner was mum taking her off my hands, my trackies being pulled off (curtains were drawn btw) that Emerson, standing up at his little table and chairs started CRYING. Not whinging but CRYING. He was standing in a HUGE MESS!!!!!!!!!!!

At the same time. Can you believe that?
I swear you could ask for that kind of timing...
So lots of wipes later, a bucket of nappysan, and a BIG SOAPY bath later we are all clean.

So that's our funny story for today.

And finally here's some images of Miss Maddie asleep & then awake because while Emerson can't stand being in front of the camera, he cannot stand anyone else in the limelight and had to come chatting away into the studio. Waking my beautifully, sleeping, (kinda) curly baby.

(see he wouldn't even have a photo!)
P.S oh and who wants to know if Emerson is getting a little brother or sister???

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Slackness (with Excuses) and images from Sydney

Ok so I've been rather slack. Nov 24th was my last post. OVER a month ago!

But it's been a HUGE two months. As you know we dashed off to New Zealand, then I came home and in three days photographed a wedding, two charity sessions, two other sessions and had about ten hours sleep.
Then packed little Emerson up to fly an hour on a plane (again!) to go to Sydney!
Sydney was unreal. Fantastic little break from reality for me. Busy - but still a break.

Caught up with Amanda & Bec and had some fun photographing away from the usual lines of business. Not that I complain about business - but it was great soul food to finally photograph things that I wanted to do for ME. If you know what I mean!

(is it totally old-fashioned and unexceptionable to arrange marriages at 15 & 20 months old?? Cause I'd like to think that in this case it's ok.. What you think Amanda? Lilly Sears??!!!!)

Came home to dad having MAJOR surgery and struggled with Emerson and being stuck in the house, with pains coming back like my first pregnancy. How tiring are second pregnancies? Can't imagine at the moment what they must be like with more than one child.. How do you do it?!

Having been readmitted to hospital with a major infection, dad is recovering well. ALMOST got admitted AGAIN on Christmas eve, but thankfully the painkillers they gave him kicked in well (I think the glass or two of Red wine he had might have also helped :) ) He was able to spend Christmas at home.

We had a wonderful day - kids were up at 6am (and we were expecting 4am)
Santa had arrived, and there were HUNDREDS of pressies under the tree (so many that for me that contained chocolate WOOHOO!)

And now it's boxing day and I'm patiently waiting for Blu Domain to unveil their new site so I can decide which one I want. DAMN DIFFERENT TIME ZONES!
I've been slaving away at my business's "new look" for weeks and now that I'm on "holidays" from business - can spend the time to do it. And hopefully catch up on personal images.

We have our BIG 20 week ultrasound tomorrow (not half excited) and will hopefully find out the sex of the baby. (YAY) but will also find out what a sus little lump is which appeared a few days ago (why do weird things appear on public holidays???) So I have been "taking it easy" and not allowed to lift more than food to my face (haha)
Hopefully nothing major but still a little scared..

Tonight our dear friends from New Zealand arrive with their 7 month old baby girl! YAY!
Went to stock up on baby supplies this morning. Had forgotten how expensive it can be when your buying nappies, formula, baby food, teething rusks, wipes etc all at once. My gosh I'm glad the cupboard wasn't empty as well, I would have been sent broke!

Anyway I think that is enough of my yipper-yapper!!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas/holiday season and hope everyone was spoilt.
I will be back with some more images soon..

xx promise xx