Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A lil church in St Kilda

As you may or may not know, Bec came to visit for a few days so I had to use my brain (ha ha) to think of some locations to go photo taking... there is this cute little church in St Kilda with lots and lots of ivy which I've been meaning to go to for ages, but having a visitor gave me the excuse! Turns out it's not a church anymore but someones house! It's part of a little apartment complex now... but no one seemed to care that we were there!

Emerson looking for the fishies... wish I could show you his face when he demonstrates what a fishes "says" - too cute.. cracks me up on a daily basis...

(black + white for good measure)

Since we took him a few days ago to another church in the city, he walks up to doors and says "nok nok" with his little hand... too cute.. glad no one was actually home thou.. might have been kicked out! ha ha...

With Bec in his pjs.. was very concerned about her arm... Well Bec left last night.. and Gemma here turned into a real 'mother' packing her a packed dinner... first we made two sandwiches... peanut butter & Vegemite (yes for you Americans who know, that disgusting black stuff us Aussies seem to love! ha ha) then some biscuits and cut up cheese.... two teabags, some milk in a baby food jar, measured out sugar, four dipping biscuits, an apple and three strawberries.

And cause their could have been screaming children on board, 4 panadol, a pillow, a blanket and a face washer, which could come in very handy.... Ok either I went really overboard, or I'm just too caring. LOL

She arrived home safely... and enjoyed the lunch (or so she says)

So back to work... got orders to prep, orders to package, orders to send, a coffee table book to send back as they STUFFED it up... and a baby cardi to knit...

oh oh speaking of knitting, i have prettttyyyyyyyy yarn... Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino.. in a limy/olivey green... it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to work with, I'm loving it...
and then (and this is a funny story)

I went into an old little backpack nappy bag I have to use on Sunday, and guess what I found!?? My birthday card from my grandmother with $50 in it!!! I mean who forgets about a birthday card with money?? CRAZY!
So what did I do... SPEND IT! And of course on something she would be VERY proud of...
Two baby knit pattern books.. he he
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino 2 & the Baby knits for beginners... I found it super cheaper on EBAY from an English store, in fact less than half price what I almost paid in a yarn store... YAY!

anyway I' m sure you sick of my babbling so I'll go now :)


bec said...

You had a pretty good brain for spots for photos, haha. I had such a great time with you guys, and would do it all again in an instant!

And the lunch was DELICIOUS. And the pillow and the blanket were the best, cause the train gets coooold. But I still stand on the grounds that you spoiled me TOO much!


Jess said...

Aww, how cute that Emerson was worried about her arm!

I had an Australian teacher's assistant two years ago, and he allowed us to bring food to our discussion sections. Believe it or not, I tried vegemite for the *second* time then! I'd had it a few years before, and figured I could go again. But I grabbed too much! Haha, MAN that stuff is salty.

Jess said...

PS. What I wouldn't give for an extra $50 to spend right now! My LYS is having a 20% off sale until Sunday (I totally snagged some malabrigo lace), and then I have a whole-purchase-25%-off coupon for December. Oooor, I could use it to buy more yarn from other Ravelers. That sounds good. <3