Sunday, May 4, 2008

okay okay okay

So I've been told I have to update.... and even been given an excuse to :P

I've been tagged by Amanda.

Firstly, the rules:
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1. I hate been pregnant. Stupid cause I love taking photos of it, and other women. I love the pregnant form, but I just hate it on me! haha. Don't get me wrong, I love the movement, the outcome (ok so not the labour part) but yeah.... maybe if it wasn't a WHOLE DRAWN OUT 9 MONTHS!

2. I'm NOT a morning person. Although, if I have guests, I appear to be. So most friends think I'm lying. I guess I'm like a child and get excited that they are here so get up. Ok that wears off after one morning... hahaha

3. I'm REALLY picky about music. If i don't like something - I DON"T LIKE IT. If i love something - I LOVE IT. But my fav styles are blues & roots, and harder rock. I also love choral/orchestral rock. But that is my most picky style of music...

4. I am a tad obsessed with my photography. I swear every spare second is spent on it or the net or something to do with photography. I think it actually keeps me sane... although sometimes makes me insane...

5. I tend to contradict myself... anyone noticed???

6. I'm insanely loyal to my friends... if I give trust, it's a big thing. If I tell a secret... it's a big thing. I don't hand out my heart often.. and if you hurt it... look out (haha that's scary ha!!)

And I tag:

Mully (and like Amanda said to me - it's damn time you updated chicky!)

And lastly, this blog gets a little neglected until there is news about realm beyond related STUFF. SOOOOO I invite you here.
Please update your bookmarks ;)
It's a more exciting read (or visual feast???)

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